Past & Current projects

Welcome back, my friend. Today I will share some of my past and current projects.

If you’re a part of the game industry you probably know how hard it is to finish a project based on enthusiasm alone. There are a lot of factors where it might break and it happens to break often. In the end the thing you’re left with are bits and pieces of wannabe games. And when you look back and realize that you don’t have something great to show – it hurts, but it shouldn’t kill you or your passion. I remember Jonathan Blow talking in “Indie Game: The Movie” about that kind of experience, we are on the same boat.


I worked quite a lot past years, but little of those projects came to a final stage. Not to mention none of these projects feel anywhere good to me, it is a constant feeling “I can do a lot better, what is this B.S.”.

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Everything has a beginning. Here is one. ;)

Welcome, feel yourself at home, there isn’t much here, but it will come in time.

I’d offer you a cup of tea, but we’re separated by webs of our greatest Internet, hope we will fix it soon. But who the hell am I? Well, sorry, I don’t know myself, but let’s try to dig deeper if you’re still with me. 🙂
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